ANEMON provides independent producers and news organisations worldwide with production services as well as documentary crews who can deliver strong vérité footage, well-lit interviews and stunning photography in locations all over Greece. We can provide professional equipment for any kind of filming, including underwater filming. The company also offers specialised archive research services for documentaries and television programmes.

ANEMON has serviced the following productions:

- ESPN: Production and post-production of 50 video clips about the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

- SCIENCE VISION: Greek partner for GARDEN OF THE GODS, a documentary about nature and Greek mythology for ORF, BBC and WDR. Directed by Manfred Corinne.

- ERT & MUNICIPALITY OF ATHENS: Post-production of documentary shorts about the history of the city of Athens, exclusively based on archival footage. Presented at the exhibition ATHENS OF THE 20TH CENTURY, November 2005, Technopolis Arts Centre.

- BRITISH COUNCIL: Production of "Hybrid City", a 26' documentary on the international collaborative projectNARRATIVES OF THE UNSEEN (NOTU) organized by the British Council in 2006.

- WWF: Production and post-production of A Day in the Life of WWF, a 26' documentary on the World Wildlife Fund's activities around Greece, in 2006.

- BRITISH COUNCIL: Production of "So you can Dance!", a 26' documentary on a community dance-theatre project created by award winning UK-based choreographer Luca Silvestrini. Organized by the British Council and the Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research Centre in 2008. Award for Best Documentary / Anti-racist Content, Patras Int. Film Festival 2008.

- NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM OF CRETE: Production of educational documentary shorts for children, which are presented in an interactive environment in the Discovery Centre of the Museum.

- THE AVEROFF MUSEUM OF ART: Production of 3 documentary shorts for the 20th anniversary of the founding of the museum.

- BENAKI MUSEUM: Production of a documentary for the exhibition "The Hand of Angelos : An icon-painter in Venetian Crete" (2010).

- MEGARON ATHENS CONCERT HALL & THE FRIENDS OF MUSIC ASSOCIATION: Production of a short documentary for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the creation of the CAMERATA Orchestra and a documentary about the ART CAMPUS educational programme in Delphi.

- ROSARTE CHILDREN'S CHOIR: creation of short promotional video-portrait for the choir's crowdfunding campaign.

- PAPADOPOULOS BISCUITS: production of documentary about the oldest and most famous biscuit-making company in Greece.