WW1 photography exhibition and web-platform WAR & PEACE IN THE BALKANS opened in Athens, in association with the Goethe Institut.

The exhibition presents the work of five photographers who captured the reality of war and life in the Balkans from 1914 to 1918, showing us a world still largely unknown even to this day.

The American Lewis Hine photographed child victims of war, while Ariel Varges, also American, recorded the city of Salonica at the time when the multinational army of the Triple Entente was stationed there. The Russian photographer Sampson Tchernoff followed the epic retreat of the Serbian Army through the mountains of Albania, while two anonymous photographers from the German and French Army revealed everyday life in the Balkans in wartime, and war crimes against civilians.

In parallel, a series of short videos is presented on the web platform Memories Europe. South East’, based on interviews with leading historians including Mark Mazower, Christopher Clark, Jay Winter and Christina Koulouri.

The exhibition opened on 1/12/14 at the Goethe-Institut where it runs until 28/2/15. Next venues include the Yeni Mosque in Thessaloniki, from March 6 to April 5 2015.

A publication with the photos is available in English and in German.

Web platform: http://www.goethe.de/ins/gr/lp/prj/eri/wap/enindex.htm

More about the project: http://www.anemon.gr/films/film-detail/war-peace-balkans