A cinematic journey into the heart of the Europe through the life-changing experience of young participants of Erasmus - the most ambitious mobility programme of our times.
The film’s characters leave the comfort zone of their country, to prove to themselves that they can survive in a foreign environment, overcoming their fears and adapting to different cultures and mentalities. Set against the current European crisis, fueled by unprecedented youth unemployment and fears about the refugee situation, their journeys offer a bird’s-eye view of a continent in transition, giving a sense of what the future holds.
Produced for broadcast in May 2019, to coincide with the European parliament elections. 
Previously titled "Once in a Lifetime". French title: "Les Enfants d'Erasmus".


Writer | Director:
Angeliki Aristomenopoulou & Andreas Apostolidis
Konstantinos Koukoulios, Eleanor Bowman, Konstantinos Kanakis
Isabelle Maradan, Janine Louloudi
Dónal Lunny
Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof, Cédric Bonin, Rachel Lysagt and Martichka Bozhilova. Produced in association with Seppia (France), Underground Films (Ireland) and Agitprop (Bulgaria), in co-production with ARTE, ERT and Screen Ireland, with the support of Region Grand Est, Procirep-Angoa and the Bulgarian National Film Center , in association with RTE, RTP, MRKTV. BTV and CYBC
World distribution:
Films Transit / Jan Rofekamp / www.filmstransit.com