A Long Way to Ithaca

Shortly after the devastating Greek civil war, four young Greek men found themselves amidst the horrors of a different war, thousands of miles away from home: the Korean War.
Today, in their 90s, these veterans continue to live in the past. Like Odysseus, although they are back in Ithaca, their soul never returned home.

  • DIRECTED BY Hyuckjee Park
  • SCRIPT Semee Kim
  • DOP Hyuckjee Park
  • CAMERA Moonhee Cho, Changmin Yang
  • LINE PRODUCER Mary Ignatiadi
  • PRODUCERS Mi Jin Lee, Jeonghwa Eom, Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof
  • PRODUCED BY Bassim Media, Anemon
  • WITH THE SUPPORT OF Korea Communications Agency, The Foundation of Broadcast Culture