Dark Waters

In the ancient Greek city of Elefsina, once revered for its ties to Demeter and Persephone, a dystopian reality unfolds. Kostas, a 70-year-old deep-sea diver, battles industrial decay, attempting to salvage shipwrecks contaminating the bay.

As Elefsina is named the European Cultural Capital, Kostas proposes a controversial plan to revive a sunken ship for a diving center. Amid political turmoil and accusations, he goes from a cultural hero to a pariah, revealing the complex interplay of light and darkness in both the underwater world and human nature. The opening ceremony, initially grand, crumbles when Kostas is accused of affiliations with an extreme-right party. As he grapples with the fallout, Kostas reflects on personal choices and the struggle to navigate the shadows within.

The film delves into the juxtaposition of Elefsina’s mythological past and its present decay, exploring the intricate relationships between environmental crisis, cultural revival and an individual’s struggle between darkness and light.


  • FILMMAKER Marianna Economou
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY Carlos Muñoz, Marianna Economou
  • RESEARCH Fjoralba Koka, Maria Sidiropoulou
  • EDITING Dimitris Peponis
  • PRODUCERS Rea Apostolides & Yuri Averof (Anemon), Paul Cadieux (Filmoption International, Canada)
  • WITH THE SUPPORT OF -iMEdD / Stavros Niarchos Foundation
    -Cultural Capital of Elefsina
    -Onassis Culture