Final Year

16-year-old Sophia, Lhord, Alexandros and Nikos attend a state school in one of the poorer neighborhoods of central Athens. They are overwhelmed by the Greek education system which relies heavily on rote learning and formal teaching instead of critical thinking, discussion or self-expression.
Their lives are suddenly put on hold when a group of students occupy the school building. Based on trivial demands, school occupations have become a frequent occurrence in Greece and are considered by many as a fundamental student right. But they disrupt school life and cause students to lose an average of one month of classes each year.
How does the school occupation affect Sophia, Lhord, Alexandros and Niko? Is it a democratic act or a violation of children’s basic rights? How do their cope with stress, when Covid restrictions further impede their efforts to prepare for the university entrance exams?
Through powerful testimonies and scenes over a period of two years, our characters share their intimate thoughts and experiences, as they struggle to survive within an educational system that ignores their needs.


  • DIRECTOR / SCREENPLAY Lucas Paleocrassas
  • CAMERA / SOUND Lucas Paleocrassas
  • EDITOR Giorgos Georgopoulos
  • MUSIC George Kamaras
  • PRODUCERS Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof
  • IN CO-PRODUCTION WITH the Greek Film Centre