Holy Human Angel

20-year-old Constantina was born as a boy into a middle-class family on the Greek island of Chios. She is an artist with an online audience of thousands of followers. Until now, she has only appeared under the name Anthr0morph, wearing masks and exoskeletons that she makes inspired by nature’s creatures and cyborg theory.

The film begins with Constantina’s decision to go through a painful surgery of facial feminization and captures her journey as an artist who delves into human metamorphosis. We follow her transition and how it affects her art and her relationship with others, especially her family.

Constantina’s journey across Europe -Athens, Chios, Antwerp, London and Iceland- creates an urban and natural environmental patchwork, through which she experiments, demands acceptance and seeks to express herself through her art.

  • DIRECTED BY Angeliki Aristomenopoulou
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY Yannis Kanakis, Dylan Howitt
  • EDITOR Yorgos Lambrinos
  • PRODUCERS Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof, Vicky Miha, Heather Millard
  • PRODUCED BY Anemon Productions, Asterisk, Compass Films
  • SUPPORTED BY Greek Film Centre, Icelandic Film Centre, ERT, Creative Europe, Chicken and Egg, Onassis Culture