Latin Noir

In the land of the Zapatistas, Augusto Pinochet and Fidel Castro, what are the stories Latin Americans have been telling to confront their troubled past?
The film travels to five Latin American cities, to meet with famous crime novelists Leonardo Padura (Havana), Luis Sepulveda (Santiago), Paco Ignacio Taibo II (Mexico City), Santiago Roncagliolo (Lima) and Claudia Pineiro (Buenos Aires). Through their stories, we discover a unique genre of flourishing literature, strikingly different from its North American or Nordic counterparts: it’s political, dark and crimes are committed by the state itself.
Discover Latin America through an explosive fusion of art, history and crime.


  • DIRECTOR Andreas Apostolidis
  • EDITOR Yuri Averof
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY Jordi Esgleas Marroi, Constanza Sandoval, Yannis Kanakis
  • MUSIC Mathieu Coupat, Julien Baril
  • RESEARCH Kriton Iliopoulos, Janine Louloudi
  • PRODUCERS Rea Apostolides & Yuri Averof (Anemon), Estelle Robin You (Les Films du Balibari - Point du Jour) and Sergio Muñoz
  • IN CO-PRODUCTION WITH ARTE G.E.I.E., the Greek Film Centre, ERT, TV UNAM
  • WITH THE SUPPORT OF CREATIVE EUROPE, CNC, Region Pays de Loire, Procirep - Angoa, Filmoteca UNAM
    Director of Sales / Point du Jour International