The rarity of Greek antiquities has increased the antagonism between museums, collectors, curators, art dealers and smugglers, giving a free rein to a deadly network of illicit activities. This network is the subject of the documentary.
What is legal or illegal in the peculiar world of the art market? What makes the trade of antiquities go around? An extensive investigation into the realm of the illegal trade of classical antiquities and into the problem of safeguarding cultural treasures.

  • PRIX EUROPA 2007 nomination
  • Best Film, Special Mention, Best Narration and Best Script awards at the Archaeology Channel International Film & Video Festival


  • DIRECTOR Andreas Apostolidis
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY Vangelis Koulinos
  • EDITORS George Voulgaris, Antonis Gasparinatos
  • MUSIC George Bardakis
  • PRODUCERS Yiannis Kaspiris, Rea Apostolides
  • IN CO-PRODUCTION WITH Illusion I. Kaspiris Production, ERT, GREEK FILM CENTRE
  • SUPPORTED BY MEDIA, the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation