Nico Finds a Treasure

11-year-old Nico is an only child living in a large metropolis. At school he is bullied and at home he’s lonely. His only escape is the digital world he has created online. To help him become ‘normal’, his parents send him to spend his summer vacation in a remote fishing island in Greece.

On the island, Nico is challenged; there is no Internet and he is reluctant to make new friends. Local kids, Christina and Andreas, initially see him as a nuisance. He speaks broken Greek and can’t swim properly. But he’s funny and surprisingly good at solving riddles. They decide to help him survive the challenges of living on the island, if in return he helps them find a long lost treasure. In the process, Nico will discover his own treasure: the new friendships he makes in the real world and the dives into the deep blue sea.

A live action film for children aged 7+ based on a book by Ali Mitgutsch.

  • DIRECTOR Konstantinos Frangopoulos
  • SCREENWRITER Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis
  • BASED ON A BOOK BY Ali Mitgutsch
  • PRODUCERS Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof, Vicky Miha, Joram Willink, Philipp Budweg
  • PRODUCED BY Anemon Productions, asterisk*, Bind Film, Lieblingsfilm
  • WITH THE SUPPORT OF Creative Europe, Greek Film Centre