People, Gods and other Creatures

Gavdos is a small Greek island, considered a paradise away from civilization, at the southernmost tip of Europe. Life on the island is hard, drinking water is scarce and there is no gas station, airport or bank, but the island attracts people from all over the world, including the film’s protagonists: a group of Russian scientists, a Greek archaeologist and a dancer.
As tourism is about to take over the island, the people of Gavdos are divided: some support the money-making industry while others reject development altogether and want to enjoy a quiet, simple and free life.
Focusing on this microcosm on the edge of Europe, the film explores the rules of modern society and its values.

  • DIRECTOR/SCREENPLAY Sveta Strelnikova
  • CAMERA Irina Shatalova, Yannis Kanakis
  • SOUND Aris Kafentzis
  • PRODUCERS Rea Apostolides, Frank Müller, Cédric Bonin
  • PRODUCED BY Αnemon Productions, Doppelplusultra Filmproduktion, Seppia – Créations audiovisuelles
  • IN COPRODUCTION WITH ERT, Greek Film Centre, EKOME, CNC, Region Grand Est. Hamburger Filmförderung, CREATIVE EUROPE