The Secret of the Snake Goddess

The story of the discovery of Knossos and the Minoans by Sir Arthur Evans. Following Canadian archaeologist Alexander MacGillivray, the film travels to Crete, New York, Boston and Toronto, to discover the most famous masterpieces of Minoan art. The secrets they hide will change our view of the Minoan world.
Through dramatic reconstructions shot in the archaeological site of Knossos, documentary footage and high quality computer animation, “The Secret of the Snake Goddess” brings to life the Golden Age of great discoveries and reminds us why History is important for us, today.


  • DIRECTORS Christian Bauer, Nikos Dayandas
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY Rainer Hartmann & Heinz Albert Staubitz
  • EDITOR David Kazala
  • MUSIC Aaron Davis & John Lang
  • PRODUCERS Yuri Averof, Rea Apostolides, Ed Barreveld, Dagmar Biller
  • IN CO-PRODUCTION WITH Tangram Film, Storyline Entertainment, HISTORY TV, ZDF, ERT & AVRO.