The World’s First Computer

A historical and scientific investigation telling the extraordinary story of how the ancient Greeks built a computer 2,000 years ago.
Set against the glorious backdrop of classical Greece, this Grierson-nominated film follows the international research team who finally solved the puzzle of the ‘Antikythera Mechanism’.
Scientific breakthroughs illustrated with stunning graphics and reenactments, reveal a trail of mysterious numbers that solved the conundrum of the gears – a real life Da Vinci code set in ancient Greece.


  • DIRECTOR Mike Beckham
  • RESEARCH Antikythera Mechanism Research Project
  • EDITOR Simon Ruben
  • MUSIC Stephen Daltry, Stefanos Konstantinidis
  • PRODUCER Tony Freeth (Images First Ltd)
  • ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS Rea Apostolides & Yuri Averof
  • IN CO-PRODUCTION WITH ERT, ARTE, NHK, Roger Hadland, Nikon, National Hellenic Research Foundation