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In October 2015, dozens of small suitcases were accidentally discovered behind a wall of a central hospital in Athens. They contained the personal belongings of hundreds of patients who had died of tuberculosis in the hospital between the 1940s and 1970s. Until then, no one had looked for them or claimed their remains.

Through letters between patients and their relatives, archival material, the journey to find the descendants of the dead and meetings with doctors and nurses today, the documentary uncovers a story of grief and trauma but also of love, hope and resilience throughout post-war Greece.

  • Director Marianna Economou
  • Cinematography Carlos Munoz
  • Editing Dimitris Peponis, Evgenia Papageorgiou
  • Music Vangelis Fambas
  • Produced by Marianna Economou (DOC3 Productions), Rea Apostolidis and Yuri Averof (Anemon)
  • with support from GREEK FILM CENTRE, ERT