A cross-media project that tells the story of the creation of the Mediterranean Diet and explores why it is relevant to our lives today.
Connecting Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Croatia and Cyprus, the project is based on a contemporary photography exhibition and parallel activities including documentary screenings, educational programmes, photography workshops and culinary walks.
Bringing alive a history of sustainability, health and exchange, Foodprint seeks to inspire change and to connect audiences with one of the world’s richest and healthiest food cultures.

The exhibition travels across Europe starting autumn 2022.

  • PROJECT PHOTOGRAPHERS Chris de Bode, Johann Clausen, Maria Contreras Coll, Elena Heatherwick, Myrto Papadopoulos
  • ACCOMPANIED BY THE DOCUMENTARY 'A Perfect Meal' by Alexandros Merkouris
  • PROJECT ADVISOR Marlen Mouliou
  • PRODUCERS Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof
  • PRODUCED BY Anemon in partnership with the Goethe-Institut, the Museum of Cycladic Art, Brescia Museums, the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation and the Cyprus Food Museum
  • IN ASSOCIATION WITH the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Museum of Cotemporary Art Athens EMST, SALT Istanbul, the Atsas Training Center, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation
  • WITH THE SUPPORT OF the Creative Europe programme of the EU