The Promise

The Promise is a children’s picture book about the 1922 Greek -Turkish population exchange told through the eyes of two seven-year-old girls, one Greek the other Turkish, who lived on the outskirts of Izmir.

Written by award winning UK storyteller, Anna Conomos, and illustrated by Daniela Stamatiadi, the story is aimed primarily for children aged between 8 and 12. It can be used as a comment on the history of the 1922 Asia Minor population exchange and on its impact on Greek and Turkish society.

The book is accompanied by an educational kit with lesson plans and video storytelling performances in English by Anna Conomos, in Turkish by Ayca Damgaci and in Greek by Efi Vlahoyianni. Greek musician Nikos Angelopoulos performs the background music and song accompaniment on a ‘politiko laouto’ (a lute or lavta).

Click on the ‘VOD’ button above to watch the story in English, performed by Anna Conomos.
All videos available here: TWICEATRANGER.NET

The Promise was created in the context of the cross-media project Twice a Stranger, produced by Anemon with the support of the Culture Programme of the EU, in association with the University of Oxford (Refugee Studies Centre), the Benaki Museum, the Leventis Municipal Museum and the Istanbul Bilgi University.

  • WRITTEN BY Anna Conomos
  • ILLUSTRATED BY Daniela Stamatiadi
  • PRODUCED BY Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof, Anastasia Lambria
  • WITH THE SUPPORT OF the Culture Programme of the EU